when a mirror breaks

i sometimes look back, all the days we shared
and everything seemed to fit at all
why did it change this way
i guess i know today

by having one step back from where you are
you can overview the scene
and you will find the mistake
but there's no chance to undo

like a valuable glass falling down to the floor
everything breaks into
i have to find something new

when a mirror breaks they say
you will lose a dream, lose yourself a bit

when a mirror breaks they say
the nights turn darker, the dark becomes colder but

i will stand every cold and every darkness, every fear
cause i'm not alone, i'm not on my own
even when a mirror breaks

whenever you look back on what we had
what do see lying behind
i know it's over now
but something will always remain (in my heart)

another life comes up for each
not only for you and me
but still mirrors will break
and things will start again

like an echo in a valley changes from a call
to a whispering voice
there's no other choice