dreaming again

i am watching the white clouds high in the sky
i don't know from where they come or to where they go
i am watching the little birds while they fly
what's going on with me, of course they don't know

and so i am dreaming again from spreading out my own wings
and so i am dreaming again from sailing high in the skies
and so i am dreaming again from flying with the wild winds
i am dreaming again, yeah so is live in my eyes

i am not like those great clouds unbound and free
i am on my way someone else has planned
my life is fixed to just one point - in the cemetery
the thoughts are free although your body is to rent


how often have i heard now orders and complain
so often that i wish by myself: fall into decay
but i can't shake off these doubts in just one day
maybe one day i can live my life and find my way