fourth dimension

this is where we´re standing now
right between yesterday and tomorrow
but it´s always now, it´s always now

cause tomorrow will be now again,
and there´s no way back to yesterday
no matter how you dress or what kind of music you are listening to

now is just a point,
but all of the universe is now

yeah, here we are standing
and it´s always here
by the way, what´s always?

you wanna go over there
and when you´re there
you can´t say anything else but i am here
here we are now, entertainers

the past is lost and it won´t come back
tomorrow never comes
the past is lost and it won´t come back
there´s something strange, something strange

someone said: everything flows
long time ago
and he meant now or did he mean here?
I don´t know

to reach a level of consense
we´ve condemned ourselves to remain in the stages of here and now
where staying means going
and your intelligence is development